Boost Blend Tea


An invigorating blend of herbs formulated to boost the soul and lift your spirits.

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Boost Blend Tea: Elevate Your Spirits with a Symphony of Soulful Ingredients

Unleash a burst of vitality with our Boost Blend Tea, a harmonious fusion of invigorating elements designed to elevate your soul and lift your spirits. Crafted with a blend of nettle, Ceylon, Siberian ginseng, codonopsis, rosehip, and withania, this tea becomes a revitalizing elixir that not only delights your palate but also brings a surge of energy to your being.

🌿 Nettle for Nutrient-Rich Invigoration:

Infuse your body with the nutrient-rich properties of nettle. This herbal ally provides essential vitamins and minerals, offering a foundation for a vibrant and uplifting tea experience.

🍃 Ceylon for a Zestful Awakening:

Embark on a journey of zestful awakening with Ceylon tea. Known for its bright and brisk character, Ceylon adds a refreshing note to the blend, creating a delightful start to your day.

🌱 Siberian Ginseng for Energy Boost:

Ignite your energy with Siberian ginseng. Celebrated for its potential to combat fatigue and enhance stamina, Siberian ginseng contributes to the overall revitalizing effect of the tea.

🌸 Codonopsis for Harmonious Well-Being:

Find harmony in well-being with codonopsis. This herb is traditionally valued for its adaptogenic properties, promoting balance and resilience in the face of daily challenges.

🌿 Rosehip for Vibrant Vitality:

Nourish your vitality with the vibrancy of rosehip. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, rosehip contributes to overall wellness, providing a lift to your spirits.

🌞 Withania for Soulful Serenity:

Embrace soulful serenity with withania. This adaptogenic herb is known for its calming effects, promoting a sense of tranquility amidst the vigor of the blend.

Healthful Benefits for a Revitalized Life:

Our Boost Blend Tea is meticulously curated to infuse your life with vitality and uplift your spirits. The combination of nettle, Ceylon, Siberian ginseng, codonopsis, rosehip, and withania creates a tea that becomes a daily ritual for promoting overall well-being.

Sip and Elevate Your Being:

Elevate your daily moments with our Boost Blend Tea. Sip and savor the symphony of invigorating flavors and healthful benefits. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing experience of this tea, turning each cup into a moment of energy, harmony, and a boost for your soul.

​Ingredients: Organic Nettle, Organic Ceylon, Organic Siberian Ginseng, Codonopsis*, Organic Rosehip, Organic Withania.

*Non Organic

**We source all of our herbs as organically we possibly can. Unfortunately, sometimes certain herbs are not available organically in Australia. All of the herbs in this blend are organic except for Kola Vera and Codonopsis


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