Good Day Tea Gift Box


Our Floral Tea Box contains 3 herbal blend teas from our Valley Tea range, gift boxed with a complimentary tea infuser. Each tea is fragrant and holds many health benefits



Good Day Tea Gift Box: Elevate Your Moments with Blissful Brews

Unwrap the gift of well-being with our Good Day Tea Box, a curated collection of three 50g herbal teas thoughtfully selected to enhance every part of your day. Nestled inside a charming gift box, this tea experience includes a stylish tea infuser, making it the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts or a delightful treat for yourself.

🌟 Tea Bliss Trio:

1. Boost Blend Tea (50g):

– Lift your spirits and energize your day with our Boost Blend Tea. A harmonious infusion designed to bring a sense of vitality and joy, this tea is a perfect pick-me-up for any time you need a boost.

2. Tummy Restore Tea (50g):

– Aid digestion and find relief with our Tummy Restore Tea. This herbal blend is crafted to support digestive health, offering a soothing solution for discomfort and reflux. Sip your way to a happy tummy.

3. Slumber Tea (50g):

– Unwind and embrace a restful night with our Slumber Tea. Carefully blended to promote relaxation, this tea is your gentle companion for a tranquil evening and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Versatile Tea Infuser Included:

– Elevate your tea experience with the included tea infuser. Crafted for convenience and designed with premium stainless steel, this infuser allows you to steep your loose leaf teas with ease, making each cup a moment of pure enjoyment.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift Box:

– Delight a tea lover or treat yourself to a moment of indulgence with our Good Day Tea Box. Packaged in a charming gift box, it’s a gesture of warmth and well-being perfect for any occasion.

🍃 Premium Ingredients, Pure Enjoyment:

– Our herbal teas are crafted from premium ingredients, ensuring each sip is a journey of flavor and well-being. Experience the delight of natural blends designed to complement every mood and moment.

Sip, Indulge, and Make Every Day Exceptional:

Elevate your tea ritual with the Good Day Tea Box, a collection that invites you to savor the richness of herbal infusions. Whether you’re seeking energy, digestive support, or relaxation, this box ensures your every day is exceptional. Unbox, steep, and embrace the joy of a good day with our thoughtfully curated tea collection.


Gift boxed for $34.95, valued at $50.50!

Perfect as a gift and can be sent with a personalised gift note as above