Mama Blends Tea Gift Box


Our Mama Blends Tea Box contains 3 pregnancy and breastfeeding safe herbal teas from our Valley Tea range, gift boxed with a complimentary tea infuser. Each tea was created to help support mum through each stage of pregnancy and motherhood.


Our Mama Blends Tea Box has a beautiful selection of our popular pregnancy and breastfeeding safe herbal teas formulated by our naturopath to assist with pregnancy, birth and lactation.

Includes a selection of 3x 50g herbal teas:


Mama Blends Tea Gift Box: Nurturing Moments for Every Stage

Celebrate the journey of motherhood with our Mama Blends Tea Gift Box, a thoughtful assortment of three 50g herbal teas carefully crafted to support and comfort mothers during every stage. Nestled in a charming gift box, this collection includes a tea infuser, making it a cherished gift for expectant or new mothers.

🤰 Tea Harmony Trio:

1. Pregnancy Tea (50g):

– Embrace calm and comfort with our Pregnancy Tea. Meticulously blended to assist expecting mothers, this herbal infusion is a soothing companion, providing a moment of tranquility during the beautiful journey of pregnancy.

2. Raspberry Leaf Tea (50g):

– Support uterine muscles with the nourishing qualities of Raspberry Leaf Tea. A herbal blend known for its benefits during pregnancy, this tea offers gentle support for the remarkable changes your body undergoes.

3. Lactation Tea (50g):

– Nurture the bond of breastfeeding with our Lactation Tea. Expertly formulated to support breastfeeding mothers, this herbal blend promotes the production of breast milk, ensuring a nourishing and comforting experience for both mother and baby.

Tea Infuser Elegance:

– Elevate your tea ritual with the included tea infuser. Crafted for convenience and adorned with a touch of elegance, this infuser allows you to steep your loose leaf teas with grace, making each cup a moment of pure enjoyment.

🎁 Charming Gift Box:

– Presented in a delightful gift box, the Mama Blends Tea Gift Box is a heartwarming gesture for mothers-to-be or new moms. Unbox the joy of self-care and nourishment, celebrating the incredible journey of motherhood.

🍃 Holistic Support for Mama:

– Each herbal tea in this collection is a blend of carefully chosen ingredients, providing holistic support for mothers. From the soothing Pregnancy Tea to the nurturing Raspberry Leaf Tea and Lactation Tea, these blends are crafted with the well-being of both mother and child in mind.

Sip, Nurture, and Cherish Mama Moments:

Indulge in the Mama Blends Tea Gift Box, where each tea is a testament to the care and nourishment mothers deserve. Unbox, steep, and allow every cup to be a moment of self-love, support, and celebration. Nourish your well-being with the nurturing power of herbal infusions, making each sip a reminder of the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Gift boxed for $34.95, valued at $50.50!

Perfect as a gift and can be sent with a personalised gift note as above