Passion Blend Tea – Organic

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A full bodied blend of organic herbs to warm the heart, inspire passion and uplift the spirits.

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Organic Passion Blend Tea: A Heartwarming Symphony of Inspiration and Upliftment

Ignite your senses with our Organic Passion Blend Tea, a harmonious infusion crafted to warm the heart, inspire passion, and uplift spirits. Enriched with nettle, lady’s mantle, wild yam, calendula, and peony root, this tea becomes a delightful elixir that not only delights your taste buds but also elevates your mood and kindles the flame of passion within.

🌿 Nettle for Nutrient-Rich Invigoration:

Infuse your body with the invigorating properties of nettle. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, nettle provides a nutrient-rich foundation, setting the stage for a vibrant and uplifting tea experience.

🌸 Lady’s Mantle for Graceful Inspiration:

Find inspiration in the graceful presence of lady’s mantle. This herb encourages a sense of elegance and inspiration, inviting you to embrace the beauty and passion that life has to offer.

🌿 Wild Yam for Enlivening Energy:

Experience enlivening energy with wild yam, a botanical known for its uplifting qualities. Wild yam contributes to the overall vibrancy of the tea, infusing each sip with a burst of energy and passion.

🌼 Calendula for Radiant Upliftment:

Bask in radiant upliftment with calendula, a vibrant herb that brightens the spirit. Calendula adds a sunny disposition to the tea, creating a joyful and uplifting experience with every cup.

🌿 Peony Root for Heartwarming Comfort:

Warm your heart with the heartwarming comfort of peony root. Known for its soothing qualities, peony root becomes a comforting presence in the tea, offering a sense of ease and warmth.

🍵 Healthful Benefits for Passionate Living:

Our Passion Blend Tea is thoughtfully curated to infuse your life with warmth, inspiration, and passion. The combination of nettle, lady’s mantle, wild yam, calendula, and peony root creates a tea that becomes a delightful daily ritual, promoting overall well-being and uplifting spirits.

Sip and Embrace the Passion:

Elevate your daily moments with our Organic Passion Blend Tea. Sip and savor the heartwarming blend of nettle, lady’s mantle, wild yam, calendula, and peony root. Immerse yourself in the passionate symphony of this tea, turning each sip into a moment of inspiration, warmth, and spirited living.

Cautions & Contra-indications: pregnancy 


*We source all of our herbs as organically as we possibly can. Unfortunately, sometimes certain herbs are not available organically in Australia. All of the herbs in this blend are organic except for Rehmania

**This product should not be consumed if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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