Heartburn Essential Oil Roll On 10ml

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Heartburn Essential Oil Roll-On: Soothing Relief for Digestive Comfort

Experience soothing relief from digestive discomfort with our Heartburn Essential Oil Roll-On. Carefully formulated to ease symptoms associated with heartburn, this portable roll-on provides targeted relief, allowing you to enjoy moments of digestive ease.

🔥 Key Features:

1. Digestive Comfort Blend:

– Immerse yourself in a thoughtfully crafted blend of essential oils known for their soothing properties. Our Heartburn roll-on is designed to bring relief to discomfort associated with digestive issues.

2. On-the-Spot Relief:

– The convenient roll-on design ensures easy and targeted application. Keep it on hand for quick relief whenever heartburn symptoms arise, whether at home or on the go.

3. Gentle Aromatherapy:

– Inhale the calming scents of our Heartburn blend, carefully selected to ease the discomfort linked to heartburn. Let the gentle aroma provide comfort and support for a more relaxed digestive experience.

4. Portable Comfort:

– Slip the compact roll-on into your bag or pocket, making it your go-to solution for digestive relief wherever you are. Enjoy the ease of on-the-spot application for rapid comfort.

5. Natural Solution:

– Crafted with natural and pure essential oils, our Heartburn Essential Oil Roll-On offers a safe and effective alternative to ease the discomfort of heartburn symptoms.

How to Use:

Roll the Heartburn Essential Oil Blend onto the chest or abdomen, targeting the area of discomfort. Inhale deeply and let the soothing aroma work its magic. Reapply as needed for ongoing relief.


Our Heartburn Essential Oil Roll-On is crafted with a blend of Ginger Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Fractionated Coconut, providing a gentle and natural solution for digestive comfort.

Pregnancy safe ingredients

Discover Digestive Ease:

Make digestive comfort a priority with our Heartburn Essential Oil Roll-On. Experience the relief of soothing essential oils designed to ease symptoms and bring tranquility to your digestive moments. Embrace the natural path to comfort wherever life takes you.



Ritual: Roll on abdomen, behind your neck and chest


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