Wellbeing Blend Tea

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A revitalising blend of herbs to aid in recovery and to restore your tired soul.

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A revitalising blend of herbs to aid in recovery and to restore your tired soul.

Ingredients: Siberian Ginseng, Withania, Cododnopsis*, Dandelion Root, Echinacea, Licorice, Nettle, Peppermint, Cornflower petals*.

Withania: A Tonic. A plant which has been used in Indian traditional medicine for about 2000 years. Its name suggests ‘that it has the odour of a horse’ but it actually refers to the vitality & strength of a horse. The roots are more commonly used to assist with convalescence & debility, emotionally & physically. It is also been used as an aphrodisiac & to assist with fertility.

Cautions & contraindications – avoid when pregnant or during breastfeeding.

Siberian Ginseng: An adaptogen – The root is used from this herb which is sourced mainly in China. May assist the body adapt to physical & also psychological stresses. It also can enhance the immune system

Cautions & contraindications – not recommended during pregnancy

Codonopsis*: An adaptogen – also called Bellflower because it resembles a bell and is native to China. The root has traditionally used as a tonic and added to foods such as soups, rice & teas. Can be useful in situations of chronic illness, stress & exhaustion.

Cautions & contraindications – none known.

Echinacea: Immune support & antimicrobial – originated in Native America and originally used by them to treat snakebites & other wounds. Now grown in Europe, mainly Germany, It has a pretty flower with purple rays on a single stem. The whole plant is used.

Cautions & Contra-indications:  avoid taking if taking immunosuppressive drugs

Licorice Root: an Adaptogen. Native to Europe, mainly Italy

Cautions & contraindications – May contraindicate with some medications, so seek professional advice if using for prolonged periods. Low amounts recommended in pregnancy.

Nettle: a nutritive herb containing minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Cautions & Contra-indications: none known.

Peppermint: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic (gastrointestinal) , muscle relaxant. Used for common cold, colic, indigestion, flatulent dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting (pregnancy), IBS, colitis and Crohn’s disease

Cautions & contraindications – avoid using peppermint oil with liver & gallbladder disease. Do not use the oil on the face of children or babies.

Cornflower Petals*

*Non Organic

**We source all of our herbs as organically we possibly can. Unfortunately, sometimes certain herbs are not available organically in Australia. All of the herbs in this blend are organic except for Codonopsis and Cornflower Petals

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