Women’s Balance Blend Tea


A harmonious blend of herbs to assist in the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

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Organic Women’s Balance Tea: Harmonizing Wellness for Every Stage

Embrace the harmonizing power of our Organic Women’s Balance Tea, a thoughtfully formulated blend designed to support women’s health through various life stages. Crafted with a blend of schisandra, sage, rehmannia, chaste tree, and black cohosh, this tea is a comforting companion for symptoms associated with PMS and menopause, offering a bouquet of health benefits for holistic well-being.

🌺 Schisandra’s Adaptogenic Elegance:

Experience the adaptogenic elegance of schisandra. Known for its adaptogenic properties, this herb helps the body cope with stress, contributing to a sense of balance during hormonal changes.

🍃 Sage’s Soothing Wisdom:

Savor the soothing wisdom of sage. This herb is traditionally used to ease symptoms associated with menopause, providing a natural and comforting touch during this transformative phase of life.

🌿 Rehmannia’s Nurturing Essence:

Immerse yourself in the nurturing essence of rehmannia. Respected in traditional Chinese medicine, rehmannia may support hormonal balance, offering gentle support for women’s health.

🌸 Chaste Tree’s Hormonal Harmony:

Find hormonal harmony with chaste tree. This herb has been recognized for its potential to address symptoms of PMS and support overall reproductive health, making it an ideal component of this blend.

🍂 Black Cohosh’s Calming Presence:

Enjoy the calming presence of black cohosh. Traditionally used to alleviate menopausal symptoms, black cohosh contributes to a more comfortable and balanced transition through this life stage.

Healthful Benefits for Women’s Wellness:

Our Women’s Balance Tea is meticulously crafted to offer healthful benefits for women navigating the various stages of life. From PMS to menopause, each ingredient plays a vital role in promoting balance and well-being.

Sip and Embrace Holistic Harmony:

Elevate your tea ritual with the holistic harmony of Organic Women’s Balance Tea. Sip and immerse yourself in the comforting blend of schisandra, sage, rehmannia, chaste tree, and black cohosh. Let every cup be a moment of self-care, rejuvenation, and pure delight as you embrace the wellness-supporting qualities of this thoughtfully formulated organic infusion.

Ingredients: Organic Schisandra, Organic Sage, Rehmannia*, Organic Chaste Tree, Organic Black Cohosh.

*This product should not be consumed if pregnant.

*We source all of our herbs as organically we possibly can. Unfortunately, sometimes certain herbs are not available organically in Australia. All of the herbs in this blend are organic except for Rehmania

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