Women’s Health Tea Gift Box


Our Women’s Health Tea Box contains 3 herbal blend teas from our Valley Tea range, gift boxed with a complimentary tea infuser. Each tea was created to help nourish and support women with hormone and mental health balancing.



Women’s Health Tea Gift Box: Nourish, Balance, Thrive

Experience the gift of well-being with our Women’s Health Tea Gift Box, a carefully curated ensemble of three 50g herbal teas designed to support and uplift women in every phase of life. Encased in a beautiful gift box, this collection includes a tea infuser, making it an ideal gift for the remarkable women in your life or a thoughtful self-care treat.

🌸 Tea Harmony Trio:

1. Women’s Balance Tea (50g):

– Embrace the ebb and flow of life with Women’s Balance Tea. Crafted to support PMS and menopause symptoms, this herbal blend invites you to find equilibrium and thrive throughout every season.

2. Flow Tea (50g):

– Find soothing relief during menstruation with our Flow Tea. Thoughtfully formulated to bring comfort, this herbal infusion is a nurturing companion for moments when you need gentle care and relaxation.

3. Stress Less Tea (50g):

– Unwind and navigate life’s challenges with Stress Less Tea. A blend designed to help manage anxiety, insomnia, and stress, this tea offers a calming embrace, promoting a sense of tranquility and balance.

Tea Infuser Elegance:

– Elevate your tea experience with the included tea infuser. Crafted for convenience and adorned with a touch of elegance, this infuser allows you to steep your loose leaf teas with grace, making each cup a moment of pure enjoyment.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift Box:

– Presented in a delightful gift box, the Women’s Health Tea Gift Box is a gesture of care and well-being. Unbox the joy of self-care or share the love with a cherished woman in your life.

🌿 Holistic Wellness in Every Sip:

– Each herbal tea in this collection is a blend of thoughtfully chosen ingredients, promoting holistic wellness. From hormonal balance to menstrual comfort and stress management, these teas offer a nurturing embrace for women’s health.

Sip, Thrive, and Celebrate Wellness:

Indulge in the Women’s Health Tea Gift Box, where each tea is a testament to the resilience and beauty of women. Unbox, steep, and allow every cup to be a moment of self-care, balance, and celebration. Nourish your well-being with the therapeutic power of herbal infusions, making each sip a step toward holistic health and joy.


Gift boxed for $34.95, valued at $50.50!

Perfect as a gift and can be sent with a personalised gift note as above