By Georgia Taylor

Fighting the urge of a sugar craving is difficult, especially if you have found yourself enjoying the sweeter side of life earlier in the day, weekend, week, or perhaps the last few months, even longer.
If you are like me and have a major sweet tooth and can’t stop indulging once you have begun, this is the perfect blend for you.

Valley Tea’s Dieter’s Tea has the perfect combination of herbs to get you on track to a healthy and clean body.  Designed to assist in cleansing and detoxify the body, this tea helps the body in combating a variety of hurdles a person can find themselves trying to overcome with food.

Nettle: This herb contains minerals, vitamins and enzymes that help strengthen and support the whole body. The leaves contain iron and vitamin C, which is highly important and needed for absorption of iron.
Gymnema:  Gives support to weight loss by suppressing appetite and can take away the craving for sweets by numbing sweet taste buds. This herb not only works on appetite and taste but, importantly, helps to regulate blood sugar.
Bladderwrack: Also known as Kelp, Bladderwrack is a source of iodine which can also be found in foods such as iodised salt, seaweed, seafood, eggs and low fat milks. Iodine is important for the healthy function of our thyroids. Bladderwrack can be used in the treatment of underactive thyroid and goitre. An underactive thyroid may cause weight gain, feeling cold, low energy, constipation and sluggishness.
Chen Pi:  In simple terms, the peel from mandarin or tangerine. This herb is useful for poor digestion and also nausea. Provides support to the spleen which in turn keeps filtering our blood and providing us with good immune support.
Blue Flag:  Supports the lymphatic system, which are delicate tubes throughout our entire body working with our spleen.  Blue Flag helps in supporting the function of the lymphatic system. This herb also aids liver function, treats inflammation of the skin and may decrease symptoms of skin conditions and superficial wounds.
Rhubarb Root: (Chinese) This herb on its own is used as laxative to relive the body of constipation and keeps the bowels moving regularly.
Dandelion Root: Provides support to our liver and gallbladder. These two are major organs, so keeping them healthy is key to a happy body. Dandelion root may also assist with dyspepsia and constipation.

There many health benefits in one cup of this tea. The combination of herbs creates a delicious taste for any time of the day. I like to end my days with a lovely cup to help in the digestion of my meal and to stop me reaching for that row of chocolate, bowl of ice-cream or piece of cake. But also starting my day with a cup keeps me on track. 1 teaspoon brewed for 4 minutes is the perfect way to enjoy this tea whenever you may need it.

You can purchase Dieter’s Tea in 50gm or 100gm at the Swan Valley Café or online. Click here to purchase.

*Our tea is not designed to be a weight loss method or a cure for any medical conditions a person may have. If any serious medical conditions have occurred or continue, please seek medical advice. Results may be varied*