By Georgia Taylor

Valley Tea’s Peppermint tea is one of fifteen single herbs that can be found for purchase on our website. Peppermint tea is filled with nurturance and health healing properties. It is caffeine free and contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron and vitamin A.
Peppermint comes from a natural hybrid plant known as Mentha Piperita (Watermint x Spearmint) and grows best in the cooler regions of Europe and North America.  In the early 1700’s, the first known growth of peppermint in London was recorded. It was the mid-1700’s when commercial growth and use began, and in 1790 commercial growth of peppermint had started in the United States, in the state of Massachusetts.

In the early days of peppermint, it was used widely in the medical community for its healing properties. This would not only be done by drinking the peppermint for its oils in the form of tea but also by chewing the leaves. Chewing the leaves was thought to cure a toothache and drinking was known to cure internal body issues.

The largest and most well-known medical value of peppermint tea is its ability to aid digestion. Peppermint tea is known to assist in relieving irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, gas, bloating, cramps and heartburn.

It should be noted that drinking peppermint tea after a meal can inhibit iron absorption. This is important for those who have an iron deficiency; it is best to wait for an hour or so after eating before enjoying a cup of this tea.

Peppermint tea has many other hidden values: it can help relieve the feeling of nausea and is a gentle remedy for early stages of a cold, especially great for young children. Peppermint tea can stimulate and improve blood flow and relieve muscle and joint pain. It may also assist with colic, skin conditions and headaches. It is said to be a relaxant and can help with nervous insomnia, stress, anxiety, and restlessness.

Peppermint tea is my favourite of all the single herb teas. I never go on a plane or travel without it. When flying I take a few tea bags on board with me and I ask for a cup of hot water; although I do prefer loose leaf, it is not practical for flying. I do this when I begin to feel cramps or bloating, when I become restless and uncomfortable or see those cankles coming on, having peppermint tea available to drink helps in reducing all my troubles and making me feel comfortable once more. I pack the rest of the box in my suitcase ready for anything. You never know how your body will react to new foods and surrounds and I like to keep everything as natural as possible.  I like to enjoy a cup after a meal at night, but not too soon after. I like to brew a cup of peppermint tea in the morning just before leaving for work, unless I’m feeling like another tasty Valley Tea blend. I love my trusty little travel mug – if I don’t have time for tea while getting ready to leave the house I know I can enjoy a cup on my way, allowing me to enjoy the taste beyond the rush of getting ready.

These days we not only drink peppermint tea for all its benefits and minty taste but use its oils and essence in many things. In recent years essential oils have become highly popular and sought after. Peppermint can be found as a key oil in many formulas. These oils are created to aid the same symptoms as tea and have become popular due to their convenience. Although I do have a few oils around my house I believe there is nothing like a nicely brewed cup of tea with a delicious taste and a relaxing environment to set you right.

Peppermint is not only used in naturopathic remedies or medical products, you will also find its oils and essence in many commercial items: drinks, toothpaste, gum, mints, lollies and treats, ointments, skin care products and hair care products. You can defuse, massage and scrub with the oil and enjoy its essence.

Peppermint has many uses and benefits; that is part of the reason it is one of the most favoured teas and why everyone should have it in their house. Tea bags are great and convenient for travel but there is nothing like the taste of a deliciously brewed lose leaf peppermint tea, to enjoy and absorb all its healing properties. It’s important that you brew it with care, time and love; this goes for all our Valley Tea products. You can buy yourself a bag of Valley Tea organic Peppermint tea today.  They come in two sizes, 50gm and 100gm and like all our teas, are available for wholesale. Applying for a wholesale account can be done through our website.

Follow the link to buy your bag and you can be feeling renewed sooner. Click here to purchase 

​*Our tea is not designed to be a weight loss method or a cure for any medical conditions a person may have. If any serious medical conditions have occurred or continue, please seek medical advice. Results may be varied*

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