By Georgia Taylor 

​It’s cold and flu season once again and we are at its peak. This season you may have experienced a runny or blocked nose, dry or horsey cough; maybe even the undesired phlegm or sore throat…

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a natural way to boost the immune system and prevent the sickness, or at least minimise its horrible effects and help you heal a little quicker? Well if you are thinking that something natural and easy to source doesn’t exist, you are greatly mistaken. You can even have it in your hands simply and quickly!

Valley Tea’s Winter Blues is filled with natural herbs to help prevent those winter bugs and assist in the fight of whatever blues the winter has brought for you. Created with Marshmallow, Elderberries, Echinacea, Lime Flower and Rosehip, it’s a rejuvenating blend that when brewed has an earthy colour and a delightful taste. To understand the importance of each of the five ingredients and how they can continue to help you throughout the year, continue reading.

Marshmallow: The great levels of mucilage content makes it a great demulcent, used for inflammation and irritation of the gastrointestinal system (ulcers and colitis) and respiratory tract (bronchitis, coughs).
Elderberries:  Makes a great choice for treating the common cold, naso-pharyngeal catarrh (mucus), sinusitis, coughs, influenza and fever. It can promote sweating which helps to reduce body temperature and release toxins.
Echinacea:  Originally used by Native Americans to treat snakebites and other wounds. Antimicrobial and great for immune support. The whole plant is used and is utilized for its ability to aid in the recovery of infections that are viral, bacterial or parasitic. Boosts the immune system, clears sinusitis and assists skin conditions, including acne and boils. Making it an ideal tea choice all year-round.
Lime Flowers: Despite the name, this is not a citrus plant but is in fact used to treat common colds, nervous tension and anxiety.
Rosehips:  One of the best natural sources of vitamin C.  Helps the body defend infections, especially with the development of colds.

In winter we must all be proactive and conscious of not only our own health and wellbeing but friends, families and strangers’ health. To do this we must either try to stay healthy and germ free or put in preventatives to stop the spreading of our germs, if we fall ill.  I have enjoyed cups of Winter Blues throughout the season and at the earliest onset of a potential cold. If I have scratchy throat, time for a cup of tea; a runny nose, time for a cup of tea; one cough and a clearing of my throat, time for yet another cup of tea. I found that enjoying staggered cups throughout the season has helped me to stay as healthy as possible and diminish the progression of a cold. When I did become unwell, having a cup of Valley Tea’s Winter Blues helped ease many of my symptoms. Compared to previous winters with no cups of Winter Blues, my body’s recovery felt natural and faster.

If you haven’t had a cup this winter its time you do and we don’t want you to think Winter Blues is only for winter because as we all know cold and flu isn’t limited to one season, so neither is our tea. Be proactive and be prepared the next time the cold and flu virus enters your body – buy your bag today and build your immune system. You can choose from three sizes: sample size, 50gm or 100gm.
To purchase a bag of Winter blues today click here: if you purchase before the end of August, use the code WINTER18 and receive 10% off!

All our teas are available for wholesale so if you have a business and wish to sell the teas to your clients, you can apply for a wholesale account on our website.

Stay healthy this winter or if you need it, get well soon and enjoy the Winter Blues.

*Our tea is not designed to be a weight loss method or a cure for any medical conditions a person may have. If any serious medical conditions have occurred or continue, please seek medical advice. Results may be varied*